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About us

We are a collective of pen and ink and block print artist who live on the San Juan Islands in WA state. Everyone receives a commission for their art work based on items sold. 

We use a dark room to burn our own screens, mix our own ink colors, hand print and cure everything in our studio shop in the heart of Eastsound, WA. 

We source ethically made and sustainable harvested materials and print using eco-friendly water based inks.


Andrew Youngren

Started screen printing on Orcas Island in high school and hasn't stopped since. Founder and owner of Printshop Northwest he finds inspiration in the screen printing process, block printing, and pen and ink drawings. 

He is currenlty raising his two young children on Orcas on the land he grew up on. He is a founding board member of the fully outdoor preschool, Orcas Island Forest School and has also served on the Orcas Island Coop board and design committee. 
Colleen Stewart



Inspired by patient wild art forms in nature, my illustrations are an ode to the flora and fauna of Orcas Island.

"Seabear" came from a deep awe and reverence for the brown bear who mythically swam to Orcas in 2017, creating quite a hysteria of adoration and fear at once. When the bear was forcibly removed, I felt grief for a culture uncomfortable with allowing the will of wild beings, and I wanted to iconicize him and the wonder that swept our island.

When not making art, I am teaching it at Orcas Public School, Salmonberry and homeschool, with hopes of allowing students (and myself) to find authentic forms of expression and connection, to create culture, and to be artists in all they(I) do.


Brooke Budner







Brooke Budner is an illustrator, designer, jewelry maker, mixed media artist, carpenter and farmer.  She lives on the west side of Orcas Island, where she and her partner manage a large garden and homestead and live in a tiny timber-framed home they constructed on wheels. 

She studied painting and printmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design.  After her formal art training she began to study and work in the field of ecological farming and started San Francisco’s first commercial Urban Farm, “Little City Gardens”.  She is equally passionate about her studio art as she is about sustainable living and regenerative land stewardship and often finds ways to intertwine the two.  In addition to designing for Printshop Northwest, she creates drawings, designs and logos for small-scale farms, and sustainable farming advocacy organizations.  She has also illustrated books, related to ecology, food and farming.


Instagram: @brookebudner


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